Stories are the language of our human history, our dreams, and our reality!

Cyprus International University (CIU) Faculty of Arts and Sciences Academic Staff Assist. Prof. Dr. Mihrican Aylanç, speaking within the scope of 14th February World Storytelling Day, stated, "In our world that is rapidly visualizing and moving down digital pathways, the story is prepared in the individualization effort, as the resistance of the people that are in danger of becoming uniform and obsolete".

Stories are the language of our human history, our dreams, and our reality

Stating that individuation, which we have suffered within our own society and followed closely in European history, is revealed by modern humanity’s civilizational creativity, Assist. Prof.  Dr. Aylanç went on to indicate that from that point in humanity to present time, the war the world of 'emoji's has waged on words is also directed towards our individuality.

“We shape our worlds with the stories we build and live, in reality”.
From Özcan Karabulut's Dreams Story magazine, which stands out for its story contributions in the world of literature, and stretching to the Ankara Story Days, and from there being accepted as World Storytelling Day at the 2003 PEN International Congress, which Aylanç conveyed as a very special day, she also noted, “As seen in Özcan Karabulut's discourse, ‘It is our dreams that make humanity human, just as long as you dream and pursue your dreams!’ the stories we build and experience in reality shape our world”.

Informing that the statement; “it’s not what we explain, but how we explain it that is important”, that is told by experts, actually tells us that the key is to establish healthy communication, and just as important as this is the language we use, Assist. Prof. Dr. Aylanç also reminded us that the art of narration, which demonstrates all of languages talents that is utilized in stories, have importance as they are also empathy-enhancing and have educational and therapeutic aspects.

Underlining the fact that development today is still measured with the level of literacy, Aylanç stated that literature, of which stories are part of, reveals their importance.

Reminding us of the words of Demir Özlü, one of the most important writers whom we lost just yesterday, that with our stories; “maybe we just want to be human. Maybe it's just this: being human”, Aylanç expressed that here, in an effort to pursue the finding of solutions for the relationship for one’s self and other individuals with nature and society, the author states that entering the world of books for just this very reason is sufficient.

Stating that we should embrace the construction of enlightenment of the future generations minds and souls with stories and the words of authors, Aylanç concluded, “Buy some books by the author you love. Share your favorite stories online while encouraging an aspiring writer".

News Date: February 14, 2021