Registrations for the Ph.D. in Educational Management and Planning for Spring semester started

Registrations for the Ph.D. program in Educational Management and Planning at Cyprus International University (CIU) has started.

The Head of Department of Educational Sciences from the Faculty of Education, Prof. Dr. Fatoş Silman announced that with this Ph.D. program, they aim to improve the effectiveness of leaders as an educational leader at private and state educational institutions, school administrators, teachers and researchers.

Silman noted that the person, who is in charge of the management of an educational institution, must have leadership, motivation, decision-making, planning qualities, and problem-solving and communication skills to be able to manage an educational institution effectively.

“Today, we need transformational and entrepreneur leaders who can make drastic changes in the organizational structures of educational institutions and who can effectively manage,” she said.

Prof. Dr. Silman pointed out the importance of leaders' ability to effectively deal with problems that may arise in education management processes, saying, “therefore, appropriate communication, decision-making and problem-solving strategies are needed. The program aims to give those who aim to work as administrators in educational institutions the qualifications they will need”.

Silman informed about the curriculum of the program, along with the compulsory courses, arranged in accordance with the interdisciplinary approach and the elective courses.

It was also explained that the program includes courses such as Theories and Processes of Educational Management, Contemporary Approaches to Educational Supervision, Organizational Behavior Research, Educational Reforms and Strategic Thinking, and Organizational Development and Change.

Furthermore, the students will have the opportunity to conduct scientific research and present the results of the research at national or international congresses within the scope of these courses.

“Our students will also have the opportunity to study in technologically equipped classrooms and benefit from the rich electronic/printed resources of the CIU Library,” said Silman. She also talked about the program's career opportunities and graduates of the program, as they will be able to work in almost any sector.

She underlined that they will be able to work at the Ministry of National Education, the director positions and as administrators and academics in universities.

News Date: January 23, 2020