New book from CIU academician Prof. Dr. Fatoş Silman

Cyprus International University (CIU) Faculty of Education Academic Staff, Prof. Dr. Fatoş Silman's book titled “Selections from Turkish Cinema: Directors and Films” has been published.

New book from CIU academician Prof. Dr. Fatoş Silman

Stating that the book contains the films of 20 directors, Prof. Dr. Silman elaborated that these films which have differing content, are a projection of Turkey's political, cultural, and sociological conditions of the period they were filmed.

The book contains 51 films
Stating that there are in total 51 films in the book, Silman went on to advise that the films contain political, psychological and sociological phenomena, including immigration, women's problems, Sufism, alienation from the self and society, ideological conflicts, class differences, and moral degradation.

Stating that she has dreamed of writing a book in relation to Turkish Cinema for years, Prof. Dr. Silman said, “Films such as Last Birds (Son Kuşlar), My Aunt (Teyzem), Expatriate Birds (Gurbet Kuşları), Cypress Tree Height (Selvi Boylum), Red Writing (Al Yazmalım), which I watched during my childhood, each which had left a big mark on me, helped me in establishing a connection with Turkish cinema”.

Stating that the book can also be used in the field of academia, Silman advised that communication faculties as well as education faculties can utilize it as a source for elective courses.

Pointing out that the Turkish Cinema has many more valuable directors and films that have not been included in the book, Silman indicated that in the event that a second edition of the book is published, she would add them to that book.

Prof. Dr. Silman explained that while she was studying at the Department of English Language and Literature, she had been affected by the depictions, use of language and depth of some literature works, however, with its visual narrative feature, cinema had touched her life differently.

Stating that Hollywood and Bollywood movies are also beautiful, Silman went on to state “But we are the leading actors of Yeşilçam movies. Our boy, our girl, our neighborhood, our life.”

News Date: January 22, 2021