Importance of Philosophy

Cyprus International University (CIU) Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Political Science and International Relations academic staff, Assist. Prof. Dr. Sinan Evcan made a statement in relation to "World Philosophy Day".

Importance of Philosophy

Stating that philosophy is not just a name, Assist. Prof. Dr. Evcan went on to say “When we, philosophers, ask what philosophy is and what it is done for, more and more people look at us with an empty and meaningless expression. In short, the aim of philosophy is to reveal the truths in the world and in the universe."

Drawing attention to the process of questioning the truths in the world and the universe, Evcan stated that while doing this, philosophy resorts to thought and conceptualizes thought in a systematic way.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Evcan stated that it has become increasingly difficult for many people to understand the purpose of philosophy due to the deepening disconnection between people and the truth, and that these people, who are increasingly disconnected from thought, have emerged with an insatiable desire to consume.

Stating that this situation fuels contentless populist policies in the world, Evcan also stated that the bridge between the hearts and minds of many people is short-circuited due to policies that are populist and self-beneficial.

Procedure of the four truths
Evcan also said that the contemporary French philosopher Alain Badiou stated that those individuals who have distanced themselves from what he has named as the procedure of the four truths; art, science, politics and love, has meant we are now faced with a series of people who have forgotten the truths in Plato's cave and seek happiness by embracing the shadows.

Stating that this trend rapidly spreads wars, lies, and contentless policies aimed at deceiving, Assist. Prof. Dr. Evcan added that during periods when it was needed most, philosophy was abandoned, and the meaning of World Philosophy Day increased at this point.

International Relations Department academic staff, Assist. Prof. Dr. Sinan Evcan finally said, "We are happy if we can remember the truths and shake hands with philosophy for one day."

News Date: November 20, 2020