Do not water every day

Prof. Dr. İbrahim Baktır, Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Technologies, Cyprus International University (CIU) noted that water coming with a pipe from Turkey is important for the country and added: "unwanted problems may occur in pipes in time. Also, repair times may be longer than the prescribed time. Therefore, product planning should be done very carefully and necessary precautions should be taken ahead of time”.

“75% of potable water is used in agriculture and animal husbandry”
Reminding that the most feature of the region is that the summers are hot and dry, Baktır said, “at the moment, reservoirs are full and the weather may be partially rainy, and this can be considered as an advantage. However, considering that 75% of the potable water in the world is used in agriculture and animal husbandry the importance of the water economy becomes obvious. ”

Prof. Dr. Baktır stated that there are countless plants on earth and emphasized that among these, the most suitable ones for island ecology should be selected and production planning should be made in that direction.

Pointing out the importance of the production of some strawberry, barley, vetch, potato and onion varieties that are considered as short-day plants and have a short life span, Baktır noted that the plants in this group grow in the period when the water shortage is proportionally low and the harvests take place in early summer.

“Install a drip irrigation system”
Prof. Dr. Baktır also said that it would be beneficial to encourage the production of more drought-resistant fruit types such as olives, carob, the fruit of cactus and almond, and that the production areas of plants with high water demand such as bananas and dasheen should be limited. In the home gardens, plants should be given enough water, but they should not be watered every day, noting that excess water is also harmful. 

Prof. Dr. Baktır expressed that there should be drip irrigation systems in large-scale gardens and continued, “Water should not be provided to the gardens without drip irrigation systems because water is the common property of the society. It is important for people of all ages to know and implement how water should be used. ”

News Date: June 24, 2020