Cyprus and Mediterranean Studies Center continues contributions with research activities

Cyprus and Mediterranean Studies Center within Cyprus International University (CIU) continues to carry out scientific studies focused on the island of Cyprus and the Mediterranean region, and to bring other studies in these fields to the students and academics of CIU.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sertaç Sonan, the Director of the Center, stated that the center mainly works in the fields of political sciences, international relations, sociology, conflict resolution and economy. He said that the center is interested in topics such as Cyprus politics and economy, the Cyprus problem, Eastern Mediterranean energy policies, Mediterranean-Southern European politics and economy, Turkish-Greek relations and migration. Sonan said that their main aim is to share the studies on Cyprus with the students through interviews and documentary screenings by inviting guest researchers. Sonan also stated that they organized activities on current issues related to international relations. “For example, Prof. Dr. Carlo Masala, a German Political Scientist was our guest last March and we talked with him about the future of the liberal world order and security issues in the region,” he explained.

Sonan also gave information about the research activities and he said a project on ‘Political Participation in TRNC’, which was financially supported by the “Supporting Universities Scientific and Technological Research Projects by the Republic of Turkey Nicosia Embassy Development and Economic Cooperation Office”,  has come to an end. Sonan said they are about to complete another project on Political Culture in the TRNC in a similar way. Sonan said that Ebru Küçükşener and Enis Porat, CIU PhD students presented the preliminary findings of the studies carried out at an international conference in Lisbon last year. He also pointed out that they will report the findings of both studies and share them with the public in near future. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sonan mentioned that they aim to be part of larger projects with different collaborations, as a Center and they plan to establish an academic archive and information center especially focused on Cyprus.

News Date: September 1, 2019