Commemoration of a business person, Özer Boyacı on the third anniversary of his passing

Özer Boyacı, the founder of the Levent Group of Companies, was commemorated with the event organized at the CIU Arena Sports Complex on the 3rd  anniversary of his passing by the CIU Sports Club and the Levent Shooting Club, as part of Cyprus International University (CIU).

The event started with a moment of silence and continued with a video screening of honorable Özer Boyacı's photos together with the CIU Sports Club and Levent Shooting Club.

In the event, the opening of the statue of Özer Boyacı was done by Paralympic athlete Emine Görkem Bozkurt on behalf of the athletes of the CIU Sports Club and Levent Shooting Club followed by the presentation of a plaque to Mete Boyacı, the Chairman of the CIU Board of Trustees.

Gülhan Mertcanoğlu, the team leader drew attention to the contributions of Özer Boyacı to the CIU-Levent Shooting team during the ceremony and they will keep up his work.

Mehmet Kara, the coach of the CIU-Levent Shooting Team stated that Özer Boyacı had an important role in the success of the team and they will do their best as a team to keep his memory alive.

News Date: June 24, 2020