CIU Students continue to come together with experts from the sector

Cyprus International University (CIU) School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts, organized a discussion on ‘Food and Drink Services Management’.

 CIU Students continue to come together with experts from the sector

Savoy Ottoman Palace Hotel General Manager Ogün Özata, who was speaking at the event, stated that the common aim of food and drink services departments are to ensure customer satisfaction.

Advising that in the tourism sector, customer satisfaction comes before everything else, Özata stated that hotel kitchens have a great share in increasing the profits share in commercial accommodation.

Underlining the necessity for 3-star hotels to have at least one main restaurant, Özata elaborated that as the stars of a hotel increases, so must the number of restaurants.

Drawing attention to the importance of human relations in the kitchen and service departments, Özata added that service personnel are required for the products marketing to the guests, and therefore the relations between the kitchen and the service department should be very strong.

Pointing to the importance of all those working in management having a job description, Özata went on to state, “It is difficult to create big organizations in a hotel. In an effort to take on such a difficult task, everyone must know their job descriptions”.

Explaining that especially during the pandemic period, the dynamics in the hotel structures were affected, Özata stated that more importance will be given to qualified personnel in the sector and hotel managers will act more selectively in the following periods.

Özata also stated that hotels will require "Quality Officer" personnel, and continued, "Everything begins with the use of good and high-quality products. That's why the quality manager is important."

Giving advice to the students of CIU, Özata explained that they should continually develop themselves.  

Highlighting the importance of not expecting to move forward with just education, Özata explained the importance of gaining sector experience along with the education received.

Stating that as the Savoy Ottoman Palace family, they will always have their doors open for CIU students, Özata concluded by stating that he is happy to have met with the students.

News Date: June 1, 2021