CIU Ph.D. Program of Architecture awaits students in the coming semester

Applications for registration to the Ph.D. program of Architecture at Cyprus International University (CIU) for 2019- 2020 Academic Year Fall Semester has started.

The Architecture Ph.D. program, which is under the Department of Architecture, was approved by the Higher Education Board (YÖK). Prof. Dr. Cemil Atakara, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts, said that applications from students from TRNC, Turkey and third wold countries are being accepted.

Atakara stated that the CIU Department of Architecture provides architectural education to its students coming from different cultures with its high-quality education and strong academic structure.

Atakara also stated that they aim to contribute to social studies and scientific studies, to give a new impetus to the academic dimension and to train academics and researchers for the Department of Architecture.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Atakara said  the main research areas of the program are design, theory and criticism; knowledge of architecture; design approaches and methods; design technology; production of space; space and cultural studies; social function of design; architectural design and ecology; architecture and design education; architecture and city; and interdisciplinary studies.

Atakara stated that the graduates of the four-year programs of Architecture, Interior Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Industrial Design, Urban Design and Urban and Regional Planning can apply to the integrated doctoral program. Atakara said that apart from this, “Candidates, who apply for the Ph.D. program, have to have a Master's Degree in Architecture or a related field or have the same equivalent diploma.”

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Atakara said in the program, courses will be given on Environmental and Behavioral Theories, Aesthetic Phenomenon in Architecture, Paradigms in Architecture, Culture and Space Studies, Architecture and City in Science Fiction Films, Principles of Composite Building Materials and Design, Discussions on the Future of Architectural Design, and Information in Building Management. Graduates will be able to find opportunities to work as an academic, researcher and especially in various sectors on ARGE.

News Date: August 9, 2019