Awareness-raising on forensic crimes

 “Forensic Crimes Briefing Seminar” was organized for students by Cyprus International University (CIU)   Psychological Counseling and Guidance Center (PDAREM) affiliated to the Student Development and Counseling Centre (SDCC).

Deputy Police Inspector Durmuş Aydın of the Nicosia Forensic Branch gave information to the students about what constitutes a crime and the increasing crimes. By referring to the criminal law and police practices, he explained that judicial offenses can be defined as non-traffic offenses committed according to the existing laws in TRNC and added that a crime is an attempt or neglect punished by the laws.

He gave information about the general crime rules highlighting that it cannot be considered as an excuse that the individuals coming to the TRNC do not know the laws and the crimes cannot be overridden.

Participants were reminded that each country has its own law and Aydın stressed that the people entering into TRNC should learn the necessary laws.

Aydın said that some behaviors and attitudes are legal in foreign countries. Therefore, it is important to inform foreign students about TRNC laws.

A person must protect himself from theft, coup and any other crimes, said Aydın and underlined that involvement in such crimes will make the school life of students difficult.

Gamze Atay, Director of CIU Student Development and Counseling Center, Çise Akün and Huriye Koruşan, expert psychologists of Psychological Counseling and Guidance Center and many other academics and students attended the seminar held in Çevik Uraz Center Conference Hall.

After the presentation, Gamze Atay, Director of Student Development and Counseling Center presented a certificate of appreciation to the Deputy Police Inspector Durmuş Aydın.

News Date: November 25, 2019