A healthy and balanced diet obtains a preventative effect against breast cancer

Cyprus International University (CIU) Faculty of Health Sciences Department of Nutrition and Dietetics Acting Chair and Cyprus Turkish Dieticians Association President Dr. Ayşe Okan, pointed to the importance of raising awareness in relation to the prevention of breast cancer, a condition that one in 8 females are struck with daily across the world.

A healthy and balanced diet obtains a preventative effect against breast cancer

Explaining that with everything in our lives, diet is effective when it comes to the risk of developing breast cancer, Okan went on to say, “According to the report published by the American Institute for Cancer Research, it has been proven that the olive is among the foods that protect against breast cancer”.

Reminding that as a Mediterranean country, the island of Cyprus offers people a Mediterranean-type diet, Okan continued, "While growing our own olives and producing our own olive oil, nature is in actual fact giving us the opportunity to protect our health."

Emphasizing that when olive oil is consumed raw, there is an increase in the preventative effect against breast cancer, Okan added that keeping our daily olive oil consumption to 10-15gr in total is sufficient.

Dr. Okan advised that since it is in the oils group, excessive consumption of olive oil leads to an unhealthy situation, and also advised that olive oil should not be used as cooking oil, and that it is important to keep it closed in a dark place.

Speaking in relation to the many studies with findings that suggest that low vitamin D levels also create a risk of breast cancer, Okan went on to state, “Individuals who have Dvit levels between 60-80ng/mL, have 80% protection from breast cancer. Those who have low vitamin D levels, on the other hand, need to be under direct sunlight for only 15 minutes a day to increase their vitamin D levels, while consuming products such as oily seafood, nuts, and eggs”.

Ayşe Okan also reminded that when it comes to protection from breast cancer, some false perceptions have been established, “In protecting yourself from cancer, there are no forbidden foods. Having an adequate, balanced, varied, and colorful diet is sufficient. Using reliable food and healthy cooking methods is also important”.

Stating that in an effort to make healthy foods accessible, the state should establish the necessary nutritional policies, Okan also reminded, “In order to ensure healthy nutritional choices of oncology patients, and improve the quality of life of patients, individuals should seek support from oncology dietitians”.

Stipulating that in terms of the preventative healthy steps that can be taken, a healthy diet is at the top, Okan concluded, "It is important that it is sustained throughout the lifetime".

News Date: September 30, 2021