Student Services building is in the Freelance Architect Magazine

The Freelance Architect Magazine, published in Turkey has used Cyprus International University Student Services building as the cover project of its 39th edition. While highlighting the architectural and functional features of the building, the magazine also featured an interview with the building designer and famous Turkish Cypriot architect, Saffet Kaya Bekiroğlu.

Bekiroğlu, who has designed a number of buildings within the campus of CIU, has also architected the ongoing open air performance center and the cultural center projects, which are still currently under construction.

Student Services building is the cover project of the 39th edition of the Freelance Architect Magazine published in Turkey

Student Services building design
“Spiral movements and transparent exterior structure has been designed harmoniously with the atmosphere and other structures in the campus. Due to this the building has become a center where students can socialize and maintain the existing university culture.

The Student Services building, which is located in the heart of the Cyprus International University campus, is a center where students maintain communication from the time of their registration until their graduation, and receive assistance support in all their administrative needs. The ground floor plan of the building was designed circularly, to form a hub. With its inner center and being surrounded by administrative units, the two-story atrium was designed with the aim of creating the maximum opportunity for administrative staff and the students to encounter with one another and socialize,

The ground floor plan of the CIU student services building was designed circularly, to form a hub.

With its spiral movements and hospitable attitude embracing the students and with the permeability formed under the circular mass rising from the ground floor, the aim was to transport the urban texture of the campus into the student services building, the center that the students will visit most frequently during their university education.

The design of the corten shell and bars, which are the main elements of the building facade, offers a sustainable lighting solution with natural lighting to control the dense sunlight into the building.

Accordingly, to the campus texture, traditional materials were selected as the equipment. Sheer concrete, wood, glass and corten materials were utilized. In an effort to succeed the continuity of the campus-scale building texture, the corten bars, which are the main element of the facade, were also used to a small scale on the benches in the interior of the building.

The feeling of incompleteness that is created by the use of the bare and raw materials and with the soft combination of the circular geometry, has made harmonious coexistence of the evolving differences possible. " 

Created On: March 17, 2021