Public and Awareness Raising

• Among our stakeholders contributing to Tatlısu / Akanthou ARKEOPARK Project are Istanbul Medipol University and Tatlısu Municipality.
• Protecting and preserving the archaeological and cultural heritage of Cyprus,
• Promote the study of prehistory and history of Cyprus with its archaeological and cultural heritage,
• Increase awareness, understanding and appreciation of our cultural heritage by facilitating public access to them,
• Encourage and present public participation in the preservation of cultural heritage,
• Developing a sense of belonging and identity through cultural heritage representing a multicultural society,
• Increasing cooperation with local and overseas institutions to protect cultural heritage and promote education and training,
• To promote tourism through innovative cultural heritage projects, restoration and conservation, museum and field presentations.

Archaeological Projects

• Tatlısu-Çiftlikdüzü (Akanthou-Arkosykos) Rescue Excavation and Research Project is our major project that has been running since 1996.
• Akanthou region land survey and scheduling monuments project.
• Ancient DNA Research Group, with Middle East Technical University, Department of Biology, Ankara, Turkey.

Underwater Archaeological Projects

• Akanthou Coastline, Underwater Heritage Documentation and Protection Project
• Artemis Wreck, Documentation and Assessment Project.

Documentation Projects

• Historic Carob Stores Survey
• Historic Graffiti Documentation Project

Completed Conservation Projects

• Lusignan Tower Consolidation Project Kyrenia. Masonary training capacity building. executed for the Kyrenia Municipality completed in November 2018.
• Kyrenia Castle, Byzantine Church spray paint tag removal
• Conservation of Lusignan Museum Artefacts, Nicosia
• Conservation and presentation of Venetian period stone Lion of Famagusta
• St Barnabas Monastery Museum Wooden Eagle artefact restoration
• Buffavento Castle spray paint tag removal
• Folk Art (Carob) Museum, Kyrenia, wooden artefacts preservation and treatment
• Canbulat Museum, artefact and museum preservation and fumigation
• 2012 June St. Barnabas Museum icon and iconostasis, fumigation, cleaning and preservation