Applied Research in Business Economics and Tech

Vision and Mission

To be a front-running international university-based research center, that aims to advance, apply, and facilitate high business standards, sustainability, energy economy, and technology.
Strengthening the research culture by developing and strengthening the capacity, professionalism, and organization of the researchers through the means of high-impact experiential learning and effective practice-oriented research.

Aims of the Center

- to carry out scientific research, development, and consultancy activities in the fields of business, energy/green economy, sustainability, innovation, and technology.

- to design and implement these activities to contribute to the economy of countries.

- to include graduate students in these studies and to enable them to gain experience in related fields.

Activities of the Center

- to plan qualified scientific and technological research in all aspects of national, regional, and international business, economy, and technology.
- to develop projects related to national, regional, and international cooperation.
- to carry out research, projects, and applications according to the needs of the industry, and other institutions and organizations.
- to provide consultancy services to public and private sector organizations on research and development issues.
- to make periodic and non-periodical publications on the subject at the end of the research, examination, and application studies.
- to produce study reports and bulletins on problems and solution proposals within their fields of study.
- to organize and conduct theoretical and applied courses, and certificated training programs.
- to organize national and international congresses, seminars, conferences, and other scientific meetings.

Specialist Services

Current advances in technology have led to an unavertable interdisciplinary synergy between different fields. In this manner, the research center focuses on and contributes to all kinds of research segments involving interdisciplinary relations in the fields of Economics, Business, Innovation and Technology. Our focus is not limited to interdisciplinary research, but also to relevant search topics from the mentioned fields or industrial-related research that fall in the interest area of CARBET. The key concentration of the research center is on environmental management studies such as ecological systems, green economy, energy engineering, water management and sustainability. The center provides advisory services, executive programs, teaching and training, workshops, and seminars. CARBET also collaborates with research centers at overseas universities/organizations.


- Current National Projects

- Current International Projects

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The Center for Applied Research in Business Economics and Technology
Director: Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ağa
Tel: +90 392 671 11 11   Extension: 2201