Using Sports Activities for Drug Abuse Prevention

Cyprus International University (CIU) School of Physical Education and Sports, Lecturer Assist. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Şükrü Rona stated that drug use among young people in the country is increasing day by day and drew attention to the importance of directing them to sports activities in order to prevent such negative behaviors among young people.

Rona stated that the negative economic conditions in the country, the disruptions in education and the future anxiety among young people are increasing day by day. He also pointed out that there is no planned activity nor planned structure that will protect the youth in the country from the effects of various problems caused by the changes in the social structure.

Noting that it is important to supervise teenagers’ use of and exposure to drugs, Rona shared the information that it is essential not only to control the youth but also to eliminate the reasons that push them to use drugs.

Stating that the friends and social circles with which they share their free time are as important as the time they spend at home and at school, Rona said, “For this reason, the constant supervision of the family and the school may not prevent the young person from acquiring bad habits. The most important activity that can prevent this is undoubtedly sports activities.  

Reminding that there are some misperceptions about sports, Rona said, "Running and chasing after a ball is not killing time or 'acting idly' as many people think. Sport provides an environment that allows people to move, have fun, provides physical fitness, the opportunity to socialize, have emotional relaxation, establish communication and enjoy healthy growth.”

Pointing out the necessity of taking sports into account more seriously in school curriculums and also counseling young people about making use of their spare time, Rona also reminded that administrators and school administrators are responsible for creating spaces and environments where young people can practice sports.

Rona noted that parents also have important duties in this regard, and added, "Hold your children by the  hand, take them to institutions and clubs where they can do sports and also encourage them to practice sports."

Emphasizing that young people spending time in sports environments, not only helps them health wise, but will also help them stay away from many dangers such as acquiring negative behavioral patterns."