Agricultural Sciences

Time for spring maintenance in gardens and fields!

Cyprus International University (CIU) Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Technologies Prof. Dr. Mustafa Erayman stated that it is now time for the plants in the fields to turn green, “However, it is not only the plants that welcome the new season. Diseases and pests are also common this season. Therefore, it is important to perform spring plant care.”

Saying that traps should be set up for biological control against olive moths in olive groves, Erayman said, "the traps should be checked regularly, and also procedures like grafting trees and seedlings should be continued."

Erayman also reminded that citrus fruits should be kept an eye on for pests such as bud mites, red spiders, aphids, whiteflies, mealybugs, mice, snails should be frequently controlled.

Erayman stated that the control of  alternaria is important in this season, especially in mandarin varieties (such as Nova, Fortune) that are sensitive to the disease, and said, “1% 'Bordeaux Paste' should be applied or sprayed on air troughs, thick roots, tree trunks and thick branches.” 

Erayman said that according to the results of the analysis, it is important to finish the nitrogen top fertilization and foliar fertilization before blooming begins, adding that those who neglect to add organic matter to the soil in autumn should not forget to add humic acid to soil.

Erayman also had some suggestions to those who have high pH problems in their soil, and said, “Adequate use of phosphorus and calcium in the soil should be ensured by dripping nitric acid or liquid sulfur. In this way, problems encountered during the  blooming process and fruit quality are reduced”.

Erayman said that Aphid and Hesse fly which are  pests in wheat and barley fields and rust, septoria and powdery mildew should be checked regularly, adding "The fight should also be started with plant tissue culture or fungicides".

Reminding that the soil needs water excessively due to insufficient rains this year, Erayman said that for this reason we should continue to control weeds.

Erayman to conclude said that the use of pesticides is important because they stop the development of diseases and pests, and added, "You will get the benefit of spraying using appropriate tools and equipment at the end of the season."