Sustainable Project regarding Wastewater

In the studies carried out by the faculty members of the Faculty of Engineering of Cyprus International University (CIU), a project has been initiated on the use of environmentally friendly solar energy as an alternative energy source.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Şifa Doğan of CIU Faculty of Engineering, Department of Environmental Engineering, is supervising  the project that will investigate the use of solar energy in wastewater treatment. 

Stating that solar energy consists of energy-bearing particles and waves, Doğan noted that they are investigating the breakdown of pollutants in water when these waves enter through the quartz tube placed in the middle of a parabolic structure covered with aluminum and increase the temperature of the water or directly break the bonds of chemical molecules in the water.

Project coordinator Assoc. Prof. Dr. Doğan noted that the current environmental changes in the world affect all countries with no exception. Doğan reminded that the TRNC, which is an island country in the Mediterranean, is also adversely affected by the said global climate change.

Pointing out that the importance of alternative water resources in the country is increasing due to the limited potable underground water resources in the TRNC, the changes in the amount of precipitation feeding these resources and the global temperature increases, Doğan said, "The treatment of wastewater, in particular, has gained vital importance in this period."

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Doğan said the project they started is important in this respect, and  added that "Our study will be repeated at different time intervals for at least a year according to the variations in the sun’s radiation, and the concentrations of pollutants, by-product formations and the toxicity of treated water will be measured in our university laboratories."

Stating that within the framework of the project, the removal of harmful pollutants from wastewater will be investigated in the advanced treatment step with the activation of solar energy in the country, Doğan also pointed out that treated waste water’s usability as an alternative water source will also be tested with this project.