Fine Arts

Sustainable Architecture and Technological Innovations

Cyprus International University (CIU) Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture (FFADA).organized an International Conference on Design and Architecture (ICDA'23). 

At the ICDA'23 conference hosted by CIU, the opening speech was delivered by TRNC President Ersin Tatar.  The conference attendees were not only national but also international professionals who were experts in their respective fields.

Tatar expressed his pleasure in being part of this event where the latest developments in architecture and design will be shared and said, “We are experiencing significant changes, including global warming. Therefore, with the ongoing developments  and changes in technology, it is important how engineers and architects will cooperate in the  construction industry.

Pointing out that there are very successful architects and engineers in the country, Tatar said, “We care about the construction of new environmentally friendly buildings; we should utilize solar energy. In addition, the earthquake disaster in Turkey has reminded us that we must calculate the potential hazards of earthquakes and thus avoid earthquake damage in new buildings .”

In his speech, Tatar expressed his hopes that the ICDA'23 international conference will inspire everyone and said, "I hope that the studies to be presented will contribute to the development of earthquake resistant buildings."

Speaking at the conference, CIU Rector Prof. Dr. Halil Nadiri stated that the university, which has been continuing its education and training activities in the field of higher education for 26 years, continues to grow with an innovative perspective without sacrificing quality, and said, "Educating our students as individuals who can compete globally and train them as experts in their fields is our primary goal."

Rector Nadiri said he trusted the results of the presentations to be made during the conference will provide concrete contributions to academicians, experts and students, and added "As a university, we support the qualified and international activities of our academic units that aim to contribute to different branches of science and likewise to different career fields."

Dean of FFADA Prof. Dr. Cemil Atakara expressed his pleasure in bringing together leading experts, academics and practitioners from all over the world to share knowledge, ideas and best practices in design and architecture and said, “Design and architecture play a critical role in shaping the world around us. It is therefore important that we continue to develop our understanding of the latest trends, practices and techniques in design and architecture, as well as their social, cultural and environmental impacts.”

Stating that the conference has a multidisciplinary approach, Atakara said, “Sustainability and eco-design, innovation and developing technologies, social and cultural dimensions of design, urban planning and landscape architecture, interior design and decoration, history of architecture and theory as well as studies on design education and pedagogy will be presented. ” 

Following the presentations of the invited speakers Prof. Dr. Derya Oktay and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chaham Alalouch, the conference participants presented their papers in 8 different sessions.