CIU SPES applied for the second time level determination tests upon Yonpaş Dumlupınar TSK Football players

Cyprus International University (CIU) School of Physical Education and Sports (SPES), for the second time, applied area and laboratory tests on the Yonpaş Dumlupınar TSK A-Team football players, in an effort to decipher their pre-conditional trait levels before the season begins. The tests in question were applied to the areas of strength, endurance, flexibility, speed, and mobility.

CIU Football Team Test

The tests were carried out at the CIU Sports Complex Arena, under the observation of the School of Physical Education and Sports Director, Prof. Dr. Ali Emre Erol, and applied by Specialist Physiotherapist Sema Özden, Dr. Sonay Dericioğlu, and Physiotherapist İlke Özgökalp.

The training programs prepared in accordance with the data from the first measurements will be re-updated by the CIU SPES Expert Training Scientists

School Director Prof. Dr. Ali Emre Erol stated that the tests will be repeated 6 times for the purposes of control prior to the season start and during the competition period, and went on to say, “In line with the data obtained, the training programs prepared specifically for the group and the individual within the team will be updated by the specialist training scientists that work within CIU SPES. It will later be monitored as to whether the training met its purpose or not.”

Advising that in the field of sports and performance in the TRNC, such similar services will continue to be provided by CIU, Erol added that they will assist in acquiring current and more functional habits throughout the country, for academic and practical purposes.

Explaining that while these applications that are being processed are being done so as a service to the society, Prof. Dr. Erol also added that it is a chance for the young academics and CIU SPES students to develop their practical skills, and continued, “In every sporting branch that we will provide a service in, our students and graduates are ready to serve in every field due to receiving quality education within our school, and we are also able to provide performance-oriented contribution and administrative staff support”.

Speaking in relation to the 2021-2022 season, Erol wished for this season to be successful and healthy for the individual and team competitors in all branches.