CIU organized the 1st Ali Karasel Math Fest

The Department of Classroom Teaching of Cyprus International University (CIU) Faculty of Education  organized the “1st Ali Karasel Math Fest” at Değirmenlik Elementary School. 

The Math Fest is organized twice a year and this year the second leg was organized in memory of  the Math Teacher Ali Karasel who lost his life in the February 6th Earthquake. 

Within the scope of the Mathematics Teaching course conducted by the Chair of CIU Department of Basic Education Assist. Prof. Dr. Sarem Özdemir, activities adhering to the school curriculum were held by the 3rd  year students of the Department of Primary Education; the math games played were according to the level of all students from Grade 1 through Grade 5.

Özdemir stated that the event was held with a total of 150 students, and added that children's safety and developmental characteristics were prioritized during the preparation phase of the materials related to the games.

Özdemir said that attention is paid to the reinforcement of mathematics through games, as well as the formation of patience and cooperation along with respect and love for core values. The most important purpose of the games is to develop in early childhood a positive attitude towards mathematics which is based on the principle of thought and system.

Özdemir reminded that starting from the pre-school period, in order for children to show love and interest in mathematics, they must first love mathematics and said, "This can be possible through games which children love and consider a ‘chore’."

Özdemir said since the TRNC school curricula have a structure that centers on classroom activities, they wanted to carry out a study that focuses on children’s right to play games which is one of the basic rights of children. The event was in principle organized for elementary school pupils  but it also gave the opportunity to CIU Department of Classroom Teaching students the chance to put into practice what they learned in classes.”

Pointing out that Ali Karasel was a teacher who dedicated his life to making students love mathematics, Özdemir said, “We will continue to commemorate Ali Karasel with a series of scientific activities like this one. We will make sure children love mathematics.”