CIU Dental Clinic has started to provide services

Cyprus International University (CIU) Dental Healthcare Clinic is providing dental services on CIU Campus with its expert staff.

CIU Health Operations Coordinator and Faculty of Health Sciences Lecturer Ahmet Cenk Dikmen stated that CIU Dental Clinic will be serving CIU students, academic and administrative staff, as well as the public.

Dikmen noted that tomography, panoramic imaging and three-dimensional surgical interventions are performed in the clinic, adding they also offer oral and dental health services in eight departments such as Periodontology, Prosthodontics, Oral, Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery, and Orthodontics.

CIU Dental Clinic Head Physician Assist. Prof.  Dr. Abdullah Alalwani also stated that the Faculty of Dentistry staff makes every effort possible to provide high quality education to the students and at the same time render their services to the public.

Alalwani pointed out that the services to be provided at the clinic will not be limited to the TRNC, but that their aim is to be at the disposal of the entire island.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Alalwani also explained that in addition to root canal treatment, filling, coating, milk tooth treatments, zirconium veneer treatment, smile designs, interventions such as jaw surgery, transparent orthodontics, impacted tooth treatments are also performed in the clinic.

Noting that there is a high demand for the CIU Dental Health Clinic, Alalwani said, "We are aiming to open a center outside the campus area and thus provide  faster and the best services to the public."