CIU 5th Career Days

Cyprus International University (CIU), 5th Career Days was held between May 22nd through May 24th.

Within the scope of the event organized by the CIU Career and Alumni Center, leading professional names of the industry as well as the academic world shared their knowledge and experiences about business life, employment opportunities, work experiences and expectations of the business world.with the students.

TRNC Minister of Labor and Social Security Hasan Taçoy and CIU Rector Prof. Dr. Halil Nadiri delivered the inaugural  speeches at the event held at  Conference Hall of CIU Cevik Uraz Center.

Minister Taçoy pointed out that it is important to set goals and to progress in line with those goals in order to be successful in one’s career, and said, “There may be those who support you in your decisions, as well as those who do not believe in you or even make fun of you. You have to set a goal and it is important that you believe in that goal wholeheartedly and move forward.” Taçoy pointed out that in order to achieve success, people need to develop themselves not only in their fields of expertise, but also in other fields. “My expertise was economics, but I improved myself in areas like international relations, business,” added Taçoy.  

Rector Nadiri said in his speech that the academic knowledge gained in universities forms the basis of career journey and said, "We aim to provide our students with the highest quality education they need so that they can maximize their knowledge and skills at the standards required by the age." Stating that the multicultural structure of the university is an important factor that contributes to the professional life awaiting our students, Nadiri said, “When these factors are taken into account, Cyprus International University prepares its students for life. With its multilingual and multicultural international environment, CIU is one step ahead of other institutions in our geography.”

After the opening speeches, the leading professional names of the industry and academia, specialized in different fields, shared their knowledge and experiences about business life with the students.

On Day 1  of the CIU 5th Career Days, presentations were made by Prof. Dr. B. Gültekin Çetiner from Marmara University; Prof. Dr. Nedim Mutlu from Marmara University-Faculty of Agriculture; Bihter Beyazyüz Çevirgen who is the Inspector-Competent Auditor from CreditWest Bank Board of Inspectors; and Togan Çakmak,  Senior Software Specialist from Telsim/Vodafone. 

On Day 2, The Arkın İskele Hotel’s Director of Human Resources Dilem Dana; Brasserie Chaglayan Chef Ceren Karapaşa; and Dr. Eda Aksoy from Koç University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences addressed the students.   

On the last day of the CIU 5th Career days, Fehmi Gürdallı the Director of the Turkish News Agency-Cyprus (TAK); Prof. Dr. Galip Yüksel from Gazi University Faculty of Education; Gülşah Ertürk, the assistant director of the Human Resources at Liv Hospital and lastly Canan Sarı the Director of Patient Care Services at Liv Hospital shared with the students the experiences and the knowledge they had gained throughout their professional life.