1.    In order for our students to complete the immigration procedures, you must be active students by registering for your courses at your respective faculties. 
2.    You should complete the registration process by clicking ‘register now’ and filling in the information on the pop-up page on the TRNC student permits system at  
3.    Your user code and password will be sent to your e-mails and phones according to the information entered on the immigration page. In accordance with this information, you will be able to enter the immigration page. 
4.    If errors are detected in the personal information on the student permits application page, you should contact the Registrar’s Office Directorate to verify your passport number and personal information in the system. 
5.    On the student permissions application page, you will first see the question about whether you have a health report. A foreign student will upload the results of the original laboratory examination (report and/or lab), which is not exceeding the registration date for 2 months and having the results of HCV-HIV-hepatitis-RPR with a lung scope or a lung graph for tuberculosis, obtained from a general, special or university hospitals affiliated to the Ministry of Health of Turkish Republic. It is required that you go to a regional public hospital for approval after the installation process is completed and submit your reports. The Health reports unit of the State Hospital in the area where you are educated will evaluate the uploaded health report and ensure that the process continues. The result of the laboratory examination will be approved over the single physician report fee specified in the regulation on fees tariff of health institutions in force of the TRNC Ministry of Health. However, in cases where the Ministry will require additional inspection, health institutions will pay full fees according to the fee tariff set out in the fees tariff regulation. Students, who do not have a health report, will process the student permits through the automation system in order to receive a health report. 
6.    The reports uploaded to the system will have proceeded to the next phase after the approval of the Ministry of Health. 
7.    After receiving your approvals, you will be able to transfer to the tax office and specify how many years you will have your immigration, and after paying the tax fee in the system, you will be able to transfer to the immigration office and end your student permission process. Then you will wait for the immigration department to prepare your documents. 
8.    The information about the student permission documents that are available will be sent to the phone number and/or e-mail address that you specified during registration. However, since the Department of Immigration sends you the message when printing the document, you should wait a few days considering the length of time until the document reaches to the University. During this time you will receive a message from CIU SIS to get your certificate. After receiving the message, you will be able to apply to the Registrar’s Office Directorate of your university with your passport and receive your document.