About university students with a visa penalty

As per the circular numbered MHD. 0.00-012/03-22/E.680, published by the Ministry of Interior, Immigration Office on the 28th January 2022, in relation to university students with visa suspension, it has been decided:
Due to the extremely busy environment that has been created by the Covid-19 within our hospitals, it has been determined that a large number of university students will travel or exit the country, prior to completing the permit processes they have begun to obtain a student permit.

Ministry of Interior, Immigration Office has made an evaluation of this situation with relation to university students who were registered upon the student portal during the 2021-2022 academic year and were unable to complete the student permit procedure due to reasons not within the control, when they exited the TRNC. In accordance with the views of the Chief Prosecutor, up until 30th March 2022, it was decided that those who are still within the student permit system to be provided a one-time permit to enter the country, upon the provision that they are immediately warned to obtain student permits when entering the TRNC and to permit those who have not received their student permits up until 30th September 2022, to leave the TRNC.