About the Lectures through Digital Platform

Dear Students,

We declared that formal education was suspended due to the Covid-19 outbreak in line with the decision of the TRNC Council of Ministers. In this process, starting from 23 March 2020, the theoretical parts of the courses you have registered at our university will be covered through digital platform in line with the decisions taken by the Turkish Republic Council of Higher Education (T.C. YÖK) and the TRNC Higher Education Planning, Supervision, Coordination and Accreditation Board (K.K.T.C. YÖDAK). As a result, this will continue until formal education resumes. For this reason, we would like to inform you that you must be a member of all the courses you registered on Moodle and follow the announcements to be made by the academic staff about the continuation of the related courses attentively.

Note: For detailed information, follow the announcements on CIU-SIS.