About Course Registrations

From our current students, those, who cannot complete the registration process within the academic calendar due to various reasons, must complete all the registration process by the end of working hours on October 25, 2019. After the stated date, registration will not be done due to the negative effects of following the courses, being successful academically, not meeting the requirements to attend the courses, and the TRNC immigration rules and regulations. Therefore, students, who cannot register or complete their registration until the end of working hours of October 25, 2019, will be required to freeze their registration for the Fall Semester of the 2019-2020 academic year. Accordingly, the student rights of those, who have frozen the registration, will apply to the students in question. Concerned students will not be able to attend the courses and take the exams as they will not be registered. Those, who do not complete the course registration after the date mentioned and are therefore not on the exam list, should not be allowed to participate in the exam and no evaluation of the performance of the related students should be made.