Dear Students,

The CIUPASS system, which will be used in our university campus at the entrance of buildings, classrooms, and examinations, has become operational. By creating a special QR code, the CIUPASS grants entry in accordance with the validity period of the current PCR or antigen test and the vaccination status, which the student entered into the system. CIUPASS controls will begin at building entrances from 10th November 2021.

In order to obtain your CIUPASS code, you must enter your information via the CIUPASS menu upon SIS, and it is required that the information is kept up to date by renewing the information in accordance with the validity of the test.

We would like to inform you that you must have valid test results registered upon the system and that the entrance at buildings and any loss of courses and examinations are your responsibility.

Additionally, in line with the decisions made by the TRNC Infectious Diseases Supreme Council and the CIU Pandemic Board in relation to attendance to examinations, within 24 hours of the examination, our students are required to upload to the system their results of tests that were performed within the last 72 hours prior to the examination, and this information will be reflected upon the examination attendance list. Based on this, we would like to inform you that those who have uploaded valid tests will be admitted to the examination halls, and any students who have not uploaded their test results to the system may only be admitted to the examinational halls by presenting valid official test results to the invigilators.