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Our students talk about Summer Academy...

‘The University is located in a quiet island with no war or crime and a lot of security. The climate is beautiful and people are very nice and friendly. In brief, Cyprus is a paradise! I was very positively surprised how big the University is and how well it is organized. With all its international students from countries all over the world and excellent support, I know that I will be able to study well and become successful. I feel pampered here if not a little bit spoiled. I see that in less than a week I have managed to make a huge progress in English too. Here my dreams became the reality!’

- Morekai Kabanga - Democratic Republic of Congo


‘My best memories of Summer School are associated with friend­ship. Cyprus International Univer­sity is a great place where you can learn English and make friends from around the world. Rich culture of the country and its historical monuments left an unforgettable impression on me. Highly qualified teaching staff helped us a lot. It was the best!’

- Dinara Omarova – Kazakhstan


‘I’m really glad for coming here with my sister because I met very nice people. My main goal was to improve English skill. I came for the IELTS course and I don’t regret it because of high quality of teachers who helped us. Thank you for that and for taking us for many different in­teresting activities like Karaoke. I will never forget this time we spent together. I have only positive memories of fun and exciting time.’

- Zhazira, Kazakhstan 


 ‘We liked our trip, school and all the pastime activities.’

- Victor & Yegor, Ukraine


 ‘I will never forget you!!! Thank you very much for all the things you did for us! It was fantastic time with you!

- Jiang Liang - China


Last updated: 03-11-2017