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Our Summer Academy Courses are focused primarily on general English practice and grammar as well as the IELTS preparation, opening the door for young students to international education and careers.

Tailor-made programs are also available within Summer Academy Course.



Reading, writing, listening and speaking are all targeted by our syllabus. Students actively improve their English through student-centred activities which are original, exciting and challenging.

Each week, students receive more than 20 hours of teaching.


General English Learning and Practice

This dynamic and extremely popular language programme is suitable for beginner learners up to the upper intermediate level and offers several age group options for both kids, teenagers and adults. It combines traditional learning techniques with various interactive workshop activities. Students have a chance to communicate with new friends from around the world in English, which allows them to put what they learn in the classroom into action.


IELTS Preparation Course

This course is designed for international students who are thinking of taking a degree taught in English anywhere in the world. Participants on the course are introduced to the basic elements of the IELTS examination. Students also extend and develop their academic writing techniques. This course is for upper intermediate and advanced English learners.



English Workshops for Professionals

This course is designed for the English Teaching practitioners, who teach English as a foreign Language. The aim of the course is to provide English Teachers with new ideas for teaching, refreshing their skills and facilitate forum for networking and knowledge exchange. This course is dedicated to adults actively involved in teaching in primary and secondary schools.


Turkish Language Course

75 million people speak Turkish as their native language, which makes it the globe’s 15th most widely spoken first language. With growing importance of Turkey, Turkish language skills are advantageous to anyone interested in the international business or politics. Studying Turkish also lays a solid foundation for learning other Central Asian languages. This course is dedicated to beginner learners.