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An event about Ordinary tryouts, shooting short films and film screening were held in Cyprus International University (CIU).

Cypriot directors Vasfi Çiftçioğlu and Doğuş Özokutan Çiftçioğlu  attended the event which took place in Cevik Uraz Conference hall. Also the dean of radio and television department Prof.Dr. Hikmet Seçim, instructors and students attented the event which was organized by the Radio and Television department.

The short film ‘‘Ordinary tryouts ’’ which was directed by Vasfi Çiftçioğlu and Doğuş Özokutan Çiftçioğlu , starred by Hatice Tezcan and was released in more than twenty festivals and won awards was shown. After that Vasfi Çiftçioğlu and Doğuş Özokutan Çiftçioğlu answered the questions of the event attendees.

‘Everyone should find his/her own life’s  meaning.’

Doğuş Özokutan Çiftçioğlu, told that, he wrote the film’s script according to his experiences and nowadays the films that has depression and suicide theme explain a lot of people’s problems. Özokutan Çiftçioğlu told that risk of depression decreases when people questionize their daily routines less, so that people don’t think about committing a suicide when they hold non the fact of religion and family. Doğuş Özokutan Çiftçioğlu underlines that everyone should find his/her own life’s meaning and adds that ‘everyone should keep up with the world with changing.’

Vasfi Çiftçioğlu who mentioned about why the film sector didn’t improve at North Cyprus, told that, the government didn’t support the cinema and that made a budget problems. Çiftçioğlu who said they spent 30.000 TL budget to shoot the movie ‘Olağan Denemeler’. He stood out that long duration films cost 1-2 million TL.

Industry is no longer just about television.

Vasfi Çiftçioğlu stressed that it is possible to shoot a film with cheap equipments nowadays and she also said that it is possible to attract more people when the films and TV series are released not only on TV but also on the internet. He stated that the industry is no longer just about television and If the films and TV series are released on the internet with a foreign language subtitle supporting it will be easier to become popular worldwide.


At the end of the event, Dean of the Faculty of Communication Prof. Dr. Hikmet Seçim presented a plaque of appreciaton to Vasfi Çiftçioğlu and Doğuş Özokutan Çiftçioğlu.


Last updated: 15-07-2016