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CIU Department of Architecture Students visit Dubai

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CIU Department of Architecture Students visit Dubai

Architectute Students from the Department of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture has visited the world’s biggest airport construction site whose construction is still going on in Dubai.

Due to the fact that the construction site of the new ABU Dhabi Airport is the biggest airport project in the world and that more than 20,000 people have been working there, the students have visited it after the safety course.

At the seminar, which was organized for the students by the firm that owns the project, the evaluation of the problems which had been faced during the implementation of the project was discussed. The Vice Dean of the Department of the Fine Arts, Design and Architecture, Assoc. Dr. Cemil Atakara, said: “ The seminar has been a success in terms of the awareness of the problems and the conflict which the CIU students will experience during asbuilt projects.

The construction of the huge 52 metre high apron was inspected

The students were given the chance to observe the construction of the biggest apron in the world. Vice Dean Assist. Prof. Dr. Cemil Atakara has stated that they were briefed about the steel construction was used to builde a space cage in the construction of the 52 metre high apron.

Cemil Atakara explained that the students of Cyprus International University were also notified about the differences between the construction’s project and its application, and traveled around the construction site under strict security measures in speacial vehicles and were accompanied by a group of professionals including the the architect in charge and engineers.

In the mentioned site, the students also found the opportunity to get technical information on the construction of the metro and constructing buildings on sand, alongside with the opportunity to spend time, get information and ask questions to a team of experts.

A Technical Visit to the Soli Ruins

The group consisting of 31 students from the Department of Architecture of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture also organized a technical visit to the Soli Ruins in Lefke. The students carried out different kinds of analysis about topography to renew the current overburden in and around the Soli Ruins.

Finally, the students of the Department of Architecture also visited the Archeological and Natural Museum in Güzelyurt.

Last updated: 15-07-2016