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Dear Parents,

Cyprus international University is a distinctive educational institution that produces knowledge, uses it, and shares it with the public. Your children are not only yours, but also our reason of existence. With this awareness and responsibility, we educate your children with an equipped international education systems. We educate them to be self-confident, compatible with the information and technology era, and foreseeing individuals with our dynamic, innovative and researcher academic staff. Our students live in a peaceful campus where they feel themselves special and safe with our innovative thoughts. Besides, we also give an emphasis on our students’ social gains. We provide our students an environment where they can actively take roles on social responsibility, culture, art and sport activities. It is very important for the students to live on a campus which has physical comfort, peaceful environment and that includes the branches that provide the daily needs for the students. In this respect, CIU campus provides all the necessary opportunities for the students. During our students’ education process, CIU provides them quality dormitories, restaurants and cafes, health centre, library, bookshop, transport, sport activities, hairdresser, market and shops as a well-equipped “Campus University”. On our school’s website, which is updated regularly, it is easy for you and our students to reach all the necessary information. In addition, CIU mobile application is available for you to download onto your mobile phones easily.


Don’t forget;

Your priority is also our priority

Your value is also our value

Your children are also our children




Last updated: 22-01-2018