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Transportation Unit of CIU consists of many vehicles of various sizes for students and staff. CIU ring bus service follows three different routes between Nicosia and the CIU campus from 7:00 to 00:15 and the students and the staff use them for free. Also, every Saturday there is a bus service that goes to Kyrenia from CIU at 7 pm and comes back to CIU from Kyrenia at 1:00.  

CIU Transportation Unit greets new students at airport or maritime ports and takes them to the CIU campus free and seamlessly. These services are also used for a variety of special programs and events at the weekends.

Transportation Unit Manager: İbrahim KÜÇÜKŞENER

Tel: 671 11 11 – 29 06

Shift Supervisors Tel: 671 11 11 – 29 27

Last updated: 31-05-2018