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Sports Complex


CIU ARENA, founded in 20 July 2010, is the first and biggest integrated sport complex in TRNC. It has 7500m2 of closed area and 15.000m2 of open area. There are two astro turfs, two basketball courts, two volleyball courts, two tennis courts, a beach handball court, a beach volley court and a beach football court in the open air space of the complex. In addition to this, there is a fitness centre, an indoor sports hall, a covered semi-olympic swimming pool, ping pong tables, an aerobics saloon, a climbing wall, a shooting range and squash saloon in the closed space of the CIU ARENA. Our target is to provide students with contemporary sport education in modern facilities with the help of well-informed trainers.



Astro turf

Tennis court

Beach volley

Beach football

Beach handball

Basketball area

Volleyball area


Basketball Stadium (Sports Hall)


Table Tennis

Shooting Range

Fitness Saloon

Squash Saloon

Climbing Wall

Indoor sport centre

Covered swimming Pool

The indoor sports hall, whose quality is above the EU standards, is founded with the aim of providing an opportunity to the sport lovers to do their activities professionally. The special parquet, used in the ground, prevents any disabilities that a sportsman may have.


The climbing wall, located inside CIU ARENA, was designed to respond to the needs of those students who practice mountaineering climbing, and it is at the disposal of all those who would like to feel an adrenaline rush while practicing sports.


The Fitness Centre located in CIU ARENA boasts of, cutting-edge, fully-equipped fitness and cardio equipment within 780 square meters of indoor space.

You can reach a top-notch state of fitness with our expert trainers, nutritionists, and individualised, highly motivating work-out programs.



  • Individuals and groups should use the fitness centre only in the period allocated to them.
  • Appropriate clothing must be worn while using the fitness centre.
  • Extra footwear should be used while using the fitness room.
  • While training, a sweat towel must be used.
  • Bags and similar items can not be brought into the fitness centre.
  • If possible, try to follow the program especially prepared for you by the fitness trainer.
  • Do not arrive at the fitness centre with a full stomach. Have your meal at least 90 minutes before training.
  • Members using the equipment are responsible for any damage made to them.
  • Smoking, tobacco products, alcohol and food from outside can not be brought into the fitness centre.
  • The wall bars in the fitness centre can only be used while members are supervised by an instructor. The wall bars cannot be used outside of session hours.
  • While using the fitness centre equipment other members must be considered, and members should not keep the equipment for more than they needed.
  • Fitness equipment (treadmill, bikes etc..) should not be used more than 30 minutes, free weights (dubmbell, disc weights, bars etc..) should not be used for more than 10 minutes each.
  • Members using the weights should not throw them on the floor and, should leave the weights in a tidy and clean fashion.
  • Some of the equipment in the fitness centre may be hazardous to children. Accordingly, members between the ages of 12-17 should be accompanied by a guardian with the consent of their parents.
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The pool is 25x22m long, 2.20m deep and has 8 lanes which is the standard put by the International Swimming Federation (FINA) with a spectator capacity of 290 seats. Swimming, underwater hockey, scuba diving, synchronized swimming and water polo are just some of the activities which are carried out in the pool.

People who would like to learn or develop their swimming abilities may attend courses given by professional trainers. The ambient temperature is 29 degrees and the temperature of the pool is 26 degrees all year long. With the latest technology, we keep our spacious environment sterilized by an ozone system which does not contain any chemical substances. The pool water is continuously measured by advanced technological devices and manually measured twice. Additionally, the water is sent to laboratories twice a month and results are exhibited.


  • You must not enter the pool with causal clothes and shoes.
  • You should bring a towel with you when you are using the pool.
  • You should replace the equipment that you use.
  • Women can wear a swimming suit, or a bikini, men can wear a swimming suit at the pool.
  • Except for water, all consumables are banned.
  • Members using the equipment are responsible for any damage made to them.
  • It is banned to make noise and speak loudly.
  • Follow the timetable.
  • It is banned to use equipment such as; masks, snorkels, pallets, over sleeves and lifelines.
  • It is banned to dive into the pool.
  • It is banned to sit on the rope lanes and to pass through these rope lanes.
  • The sport centre is not responsible for any lost personal belongings and any type of accidents.
  • The pool users have to follow the guiders rules. Users who do not obey these rules will be reported and given administrative sanctions.


  • You should have a shower before and after you enter the pool.
  • Don’t enter the pool without using a bonnet.
  • Don’t walk around the pool without any slippers.
  • The pool should not be used if; the person has skin infections, epilepsy illness, open skin injuries and bleeding injuries.


  • People who do not know how to swim should not use the pool without supervision.
  • Use only the lanes that are given to you. In order for you and the other pool users comfort and security use the right hand side lane if you need to grab on to them.
  • The pool users are responsible of their own security during the use of the pool.
  • It is banned and dangerous to do practical and physical jokes in the area.
  • The life guard is responsible for the security and the rules.


It is known all around the world that there are group exercises done with programmes and time tables, with the help of an instructor, which become more enjoyable and secure. There are full course programmes of pilates, spinning, step and aerobic held in the studios of CIU ARENA.

The shooting range, one of the most interesting and activities in the world, is available at CIU ARENA. It is available for students who are interested in taking lessons or enter competitions organized by CIU ARENA.


CIU ARENA hosts a shooting range designed for airguns, a sport that is of world-wide interest and developing in Northern Cyprus.

Students can take courses in shooting airguns at the range where shooting competitions are held.


The gymnasium that surpasses European standards was designed to facilitate professional basketball, handball, volleyball, and badminton matches for those who are passionate about these sports


CIU ARENA extramural facilities boast of 2 artificial turf playing fields that were designed to please football lovers. CIU ARENA hosts artificial turf tournaments benefiting on-campus students socially as well as physically.


Nature sports activities such as trekking, camping, and excursions are organised for students to join in their spare times.


Open to those students who would like to take up tennis as well as those who would like to practice tennis as a hobby, tennis courts are also the venue for tennis matches viewed with much excitement. The courts are part of CIU ARENA outdoor facilities at the disposal of our students at all times.


In addition to outdoor basketball and volleyball courts, CIU ARENA outdoor facilities include playing fields designed with sand where you can enjoy beach volleyball, beach handball, and beach football.


There are indoor courts at CIU ARENA designed specially for squash, one of the fastest sports.

Changing room lockers and showers are at the disposal of students for use after a high pace squash match.


The climbing wall, located inside CIU ARENA, was designed to respond to the needs of those students who practice mountaineering climbing, and it is at the disposal of all those who would like to feel an adrenaline rush while practicing sports.


Our expert nutritionist carries out comprehensive analyses for individuals with the aim of determining personalised nutritional programmes for losing/gaining weight, reducing body fat, increasing body muscle and curing illnesses.