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Health Center

The Cyprus International University health center is located in the Campus. All kinds of health and first aid interventions are made to the doctors and nurses who are assigned at the Health Center. The students and university employees are assisted in determining the necessary diagnoses. Being a pioneer in awareness-raising seminars and training to protect the personal health as well as rise the healt awareness of students and university employees. When the students and employee are physically disabled and can not go to the health center, the nurse can go to the point where the health support needed. There is a patient transport ambulance available 24 hours in the Campus to provide transportation to the hospital. For the emergency can be reached at 671 11 11 through the extension number of  800 which is always in use at any time rather out of working hours or holiday times.

Health Centre can be reached in working hours at 671 11 11 through the extension number of 2905.

The students who have health insurance are able to get treatment in all hospitals affiliated with the Ministry of Health and Social Assistance. This includes emergency services, diagnostics and check-up in policlinics (laboratory, X-ray); tooth extraction and filling in dental policlinics; major and minor operations; receiving boarding and treatment including required medicine and other needs during their stay without paying for any of the incurred expenses.

Last updated: 14-02-2018