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Health Center

Health Center

A doctor and a nurse are on duty to provide the students with first aid, identify and diagnose health issues and start treatment. Health centre is equipped with all the essential equipment for first aid. Some medicine is kept continuously in order to be able to start the treatment immediately. The centre can also help students have their specialist doctor’s prescription filled at pharmacies. There is an ambulance on stand by 24/7 near the Student Union building as it is the area most frequented by the students on campus. Health Centre can be reached at 671 11 11 through the extension number of 2905.

Health Insurance

The students who have health insurance are able to get treatment in all hospitals affiliated with the Ministry of Health and Social Assistance. This includes emergency services, diagnostics and check-up in policlinics (laboratory, X-ray); tooth extraction and filling in dental policlinics; major and minor operations; receiving boarding and treatment including required medicine and other needs during their stay without paying for any of the incurred expenses.