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CIU ARENA, which was opened on July 20, 2010, is the first and only integrated sport complex of the TRNC with 7500 sq. closed area and 15.000 sq. open area with the feature of keeping all sports fields in its possession. The open area of the complex consists of two carpet pitches, two basketball courts, two volleyball courts, two tennis courts, beach handball, beach volley and beach football courts. CIU ARENA indoor area consists of fitness room, indoor sports hall, indoor swimming pool, table tennis, multipurpose studios, climbing wall, shooting polygon, squash halls. With modern sports facilities, we aim to educate people in the field, to provide contemporary sports education for our students and to educate qualified people.



Fields of Work


The indoor sports hall, which has a quality above European standards, is designed with the aim of making all sports fans to do sports professionally. The special parquet used in the 1540 spectator-size hall's floor has a structure that prevents long-term injuries to the athletes.



It is 25 * 22 meters in length, 2.50 meters in depth and 8 lanes in accordance with International Swimming Federation (FINA) standards; it is a semi-Olympic swimming pool with 191 spectators. Swimming, underwater hockey, scuba, synchronized swimming, water ball and all kinds of competitions and organization is suitable for branches.



CIU ARENA's 780 sq. closed fitness centre features advanced technology and fully equipped fitness and cardio equipment. Two in-house studios with spinning, pilates, yoga, aerobics and many other programs are available.



The climbing wall is located in the closed fitness section of the CIU ARENA. Climbing wall is designed to meet individuals’ interests on mountain climbing or climbing so that it is open to the use of everyone who likes adrenaline and enjoys doing sports.



There is a shooting polygon in the CIU ARENA area for the air gun sport, which attracts great attention, all over the world and developing in our country.



For squash, one of the fastest sports in the world, there are two private courts in the closed area of CIU ARENA.



The area specially designed for all dances within CIU ARENA is open to the use of all our students and members.



CIU ARENA has an open-air football, basketball, volleyball and tennis courts, sandy areas are designed for beach volleyball, beach handball and beach football games.


Provided Services

The popularity of TRNC is increasing day by day and swimming classes are offered throughout the year for swimming sports that are developing, semi-Olympic (25m) indoor swimming pool heated by hygienic and Olympic standards of CIU Arena. Those, who want to lose weight and keep fit, while having fun can do spinning, pilates, by attending trend studio courses such as zumba and kangoo jumps. In addition, there are courses for waltz, dancing with heels, rumba hip-hop and Latin dances. With our expert trainers and nutritionists in the fitness field, personalized work schedules and highly motivated physical form, you can move to the top of a spacious setting in CIU ARENA, the largest sports complex of ours.



Sports Affairs Directorate

99258, Nicosia/North Cyprus

Mersin 10, Turkey

Tel: +90 392 671 1111 (ext. 2971-2970)

Fax: +90 392 671 1151



Last updated: 30-07-2018