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With a campus area of ​​900 thousand square meters, CIU is a fully equipped campus university that can meet all the needs of the students. The environmentalist identity of CIU campus is at the front-line and it hosts all the natural beauties of the Mediterranean vegetation. It is a fully equipped campus where students can enjoy their life at course hours and outside course hours and it serves for all areas of needs and it is very important for a student to have a physical comfort, a peaceful environment and have units they meet their daily needs, where the students spend a significant part of their life at a university. From this point of view, CIU Campus; offers all the necessary facilities for the students. CIU is a fully equipped Campus University creating a privileged educational environment for its students with quality dormitory facilities, restaurants and cafeterias, health centre, electronic library, bookstore, transportation services, sporting units, social cultural activities and market-shopping places that can make their life easier during their education process.

Last updated: 05-07-2018