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“Youth and the Future” Spoken about at CIU

The Law Club, affiliated to the Student Development and Counseling Center (ÖGDM) of Cyprus International University (CIU), held a seminar called "Youth and the Future". 

Atty. Prof. Dr. Necdet Basa, Faculty Member of the Faculty of Law, CIU, advised students about the plans and goals that they should draw for the future and he shared his experiences and practices. Basa stated that students should have a goal and they should take into account every opportunity that they come across both in their academic and professional life.

Basa told students that they should know the history and the past of the community, and he stated that for a person who knows his past, steps in the future will be more robust and effective. Basa said "stacking to the past cannot continue the future, so we should always take lessons from the past to walk forward." 

Basa stated that freedom and prosperity are advancing in the right proportion. He referred to M. Kemal Atatürk's words about the youth and Basa pointed out the importance of adapting to an international and competitive environment. Basa stated the benefits of listening and learning and he said that especially in the legal system and in all areas of life, we should always be open to development and learning.

Basa addressed globalization and the new world order and he gave examples of how the world is managed and he pointed out the essential points for today’s youth to be able to have a voice in the future. Basa mentioned the importance of educating the youth of today, especially in accordance with the period of industry 4.0, and he gave advice to young people as a summary of his experiences.

At the end of his speech, Basa emphasized that lawyers should plan and programme, and he suggested that students should be self-confident, express their ideas freely, and not hesitate to develop and implement projects in accordance with the requirements of the era.

Last updated: 24-01-2019