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The Director of the Tourism and Hospitality Management Department Assoc. Prof. Dr. Orhan Uludağ posted a celebration message due to the World Tourism Day.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Uludağ passed on that in line with the opinions of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), which was decided by the United Nations to be celebrated as "World Tourism Day" on 27 September, the main objective is to increase tourism awareness.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Uludağ mentioned that the tourism sector covers different areas and diversity is one of the highest factors and he continued as follows: An analysis and action plan needs to be prepared in the context of ensuring that the common stakeholders of the tourism-related sectors are able to function at the optimum level at the tourism sector.

Tourism investments in the TRNC gain momentum

Underlining that there is an acceleration due to the increase in the interest given to the tourism in the framework of the year 2017, Uludağ said that this has started to show signs in the real sector as well.

Orhan Uludağ stated that the increase in the domestic and foreign investments is welcomed both in the tourism sector and in the local area. He mentioned that "There are feverish studies of the state, private sector and education sectors in order to reach the number of 2 million visitors of the 1 million visitor barrier which was broken for a few years ago."

Emphasizing that the implementation of sustainable tourism model is inevitable, Uludağ said, "A healthy growth under this model is a must for the industry."

Recognizing that stakeholder participation should be solved within the framework of an absolute autonomous tourism administration for the purpose of ensuring the continuity of tourism policies, Uludağ added "Tourism objectives of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus should be evaluated in the same category with simultaneous progress with this investment rate".

Taking this fact into consideration, Uludağ said that raising the quality of tourism sector services and tourist profile, increasing the number of tourists and tourism income, attracting middle and high income groups to the TRNC, creating demand throughout the year and distributing the demand to the regions and products are some of the elements that needs to be considered.

Tourism Schools' cooperation with the sector should be increased


Also emphasizing that cooperation with the sector should accelerate tourism schools that teach in the TRNC, "In this context, a sustainable development platform should be established," Assoc. Prof Dr. Uludağ said. As Tourism and Hospitality Management Department of CIU, he said that they are aware of their duties in this regard, and mentioned that "we are moving our cooperation and collaboration studies two steps forward".

Recognizing that the need profile of the sector needs to be uncovered urgently, Uludağ transferred the necessity of updating all the academic curricula that provide tourism education in line with this need.

Uludağ mentioned that as Cyprus International University Tourism and Hospitality Management Department “We are proud to be an educational institution that keeps academic development first and an educational institution that shapes the future job power. I congratulate all tourism sector representatives World Tourism Day on World Tourism Day. "

Last updated: 03-10-2017