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“When Thinking of a City: Istanbul” book presentation was held at CIU

A book presentation about the book “When Thinking of a City: Istanbul” was organized by the Architecture-Interior Architecture Club to increase the interest of students in books and to promote reading awareness.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Ayşe Öztürk, in the department of Architecture,  said the book titled "When Thinking of a City: Istanbul" is a collaborative work of 13 authors which scrutinized Istanbul from different perspectives. She said the authors that contributed to the book were from different disciplines and professions such as architecture, urban sociology, music art, political sciences, city region planning and interior architecture.

Öztürk said in her book "When Thinking of a City: Istanbul" she had a chapter about "Disappeared Green Areas of the City”. She wrote about the green areas that used to be available in Istanbul which have disappeared due to rapid construction. Öztürk mentioned that the situation of green areas in Istanbul was investigated by the World Health Organization in her article.

Öztürk said the event was organized to improve student-instructor relationships outside of course hours and to exchange information about the book since she is an author.

Last updated: 24-04-2019