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Welcoming Students and Orientation Days Continue at CIU

Cyprus International University (CIU) Student Acceptance and Orientation Days are continuing due to the new semester student registration for the 2017-2018 Academic Year. CIU Orientation Days started with student greetings; cultural city tours, the introduction of university facilities and entertainment. The CIU Orientation Days are held in Telsim's main sponsorship.

Gamze Atay, the Director of the Student Development and Counselling Centre (SDCC) stated that the students will be informed during the orientation days by the university lecturers, and she added in order to promote North Cyprus, they first had Nicosia city tour. Atay emphasized that newly enrolled students have discovered both the historical texture of North Cyprus and the opportunity to get to know the culture closely.           

Gamze Atay stated that the information about the opportunities at the campus and as well as immigration issues were given in addition to the sightseeing trips in order to enable the newly registered students to start with a good motivation for the university life. She also added that the organization also includes many different activities such as cinema night.

Manlı Tanrygulyyeva, who is enrolled in the new Law Faculty, International Law Department as a student in 2017-2018 Academic Year, said he made the right choice because of the cultural structure of the island and the safe environment. Tanrygulyyeva also noted that CIU is a good choice for his future, the opportunities offered by the university would be beneficial for his education.

Last updated: 26-02-2018