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“We Are Nature” Café opened at CIU to Recycle Waste Materials for a Sustainable Campus

Within the scope of the International Student Initiative for a Sustainable Campus Project, Cyprus International University (CIU) opened a cafe called “We Are Nature ” to recycle waste materials. 

Prof. Dr. Majid Hashemipour, Vice Rector of CIU, said the main aim of the project, which he is responsible for, is to educate students and raise their awareness about recycling and waste materials.

Hashemipour mentioned that the cafe was established in the wooded area of the campus and he stated that the tables and chairs were made from waste pieces. Hashemipour stated that it is difficult to recycle plastic waste. He also added that students made a recycleing bin from plastic waste.

Hashemipour pointed out that the students, who are part of the project, also work in the cafe and he stated that the cafe is a useful center to raise students' awareness. He said that with the support of the clubs, different projects will be developed within the university and the products will be exhibited.

Hashemipour pointed out that they initiated a project so that paper and similar waste that the students collect will be recycled, saying “with the contribution of everyone we started an awareness raising project.” Hashemipour highlighted that the cafe does not have a commercial purpose and he stated that they have a slogan of “half price coffee when you bring your own glass.” Hence, they support recycling.
Hashemipour recalled that with the café, students from different cultures socialize, students learn different cultures and during the communication they have the chance of developing their English. 

Hashemipour stated that the cafe will include activities such as pilates and yoga. He also said that they will exhibit the projects made from different wastes and send them to entrepreneur fairs in order to get the patent for the best chosen project in the future.

Last updated: 12-03-2019