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A Visit to the Nicosia Kindergarden from the CIU Students

A visit to the Nicosia Kindergarten was organized by the Library Directorate, the International Centre and the Social Activities Coordinator affiliated to the SDCC, Cyprus International University (CIU).

During the visit, which was organized in cooperation with the TRNC Telsim Vodafone, 21 children at different age groups were given gifts for the New Year. During the visit, children and the CIU students enjoyed singing and dancing together.

Melek Alp, The Director of the Nicosia Kindergarden said that they have many visitors on special occasions. Alp stated that it is an experience for children to enter different settings and meet different people and added "I have been working in the Nicosia Kindergarden for 5 years and these visits are great for the students to see the surroundings around them. Children's happiness is very important to us."

Gamze Atay, The Director of the Student Development and Counselling Centre said the happiness in the eyes of the children is worth seeing.

Last updated: 17-01-2018