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                Cyprus International University (CIU) Library Directorate and Library Club organized the "Visit to Kyrenia Public Library" organization.

                Gülten Sala Lay, Director of the CIU Library and Library Club Counselor who led the organized event stated that, the public libraries have no distinction between people living in the community, are organizations that aim to fulfill people's educational, cultural and information needs without compensation. Lay expressed that these organizations offer cultural products to the service of mankind through all kinds of library materials and various ways of communication. Gulten Sala Lay said that libraries are institutions that allow people to evaluate lifelong learning and leisure, reminding the library that they offer all of these services to people for free.

Lay: “Thanks to Kyrenia Public Library for their hospitality.”

                Gülten Sala Lay, Library Director and Library Club Advisor to the Cyprus International University, highlighted that libraries are an integral part of teaching and learning, and that librarians see a bridge between readers and information. Emphasizing that this is important in the educational, cultural and social development of the community, Lay said in her speech that Ranganathan's "Libraries are a living organism." For this reason,Lay indicates that the libraries are in the middle of life, "The individual should always read books that take them forward, increase knowledge, and go to libraries." Gülten Sala Lay also mentioned in the excursion they made to Kyrenia Public Library, “We would like to thank the Girne Public Library and the authorities for their hospitality.”


Kaymak: Congratulations to the CIU Library Club for their meaningful work

                Rukiya Kaymak, the Responsible Librarian of the Kyrenia Public Library, expressed satisfaction with the CIU family. Girne Public Library, expressing their happiness to interact with CIU Library Club, "We congratulate the CIU Library Club on their meaningful work," he said. Rukiya Kaymak stated that the doors of the public libraries are open to all citizens from 7 to 70 and he informed everybody that they can register with their libraries. Kaymak, Responsible for Library, said: "Our books and libraries are waiting for their users impatiently. We are all waiting for you in my library. "

Öncü: “Thanks CIU for this sensitive activity, thank you my library family!”

                Mehdiye Öncü, a 2nd grade student at the Department of Psychology at the UKÜ Science and Literature Faculty, who was involved in a visit to the Girne Public Library, said that the aim of the visit was to read as a university youth and to emphasize the location of the libraries in human life. The Kyrenia Public Library said that they had a full day with books, said Pioneer, "Thank you for this sensitive event, CIU, thank you my library!"


Last updated: 20-02-2017