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Vasviye Karabıyık, stated that Special Education will become more effective when autism is diagnosed early

Vasfiye Karabıyık, a Lecturer of the Special Education Department, Faculty of Education Cyprus International University (CIU) was a guest at "Gönülçelen" programme prepared and presented by Çelen Çağansoy in Radyo May on the World Autism Awareness Day. Lecturer, Vasfiye Karabıyık gave information about autism and she mentioned the points that needs to be taken into account. Karabıyık explained that autism is a developmental and neurodevelopmental disorder that occurs in the first years of life and she added that this disorder is seen more frequently in males than females according to the research done.

Lecturer, Vasifiye Karabıyık said that if a child between the ages of 0 and 3 does not respond his/her name when he/she is called, if he/she does not make eye contact, if he/she acts as if they are not hearing, if he/she does not play with toys, if he/she has different movements such as swinging, flapping, these are the major signs of autism.

Karabıyık pointed out that the special education will be more effective if individuals with autism spectrum disorder were detected at an early age.

Karabıyık emphasized that the educational quality provided to the children would increase by working with the parents who have children with autism spectrum disorder and the teachers. She also stated that teaching will be permanent.

Last updated: 09-05-2018