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CIU Academic's "Unexplored Secrets" Exhibition was presented to Art lovers

Omid Kalantar Motamedi, Lecturer of the Graphic Design Department, Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture, Cyprus International University (CIU) presented his exhibition "Unexplored Secrets" to art lovers.

The 32-piece exhibition of mixed media works was carried out as a study to reveal the artistic and unique values of the forgotten traditional art form which was overshadowed by superstitions.

Lecturer Omid Kalantar Motamedi said that the exhibition idea emerged 20 years ago to find out the meaning of the symbols and letters on a charm plaque that he received from a friend.

Kalantar Motamedi stated that when he tried to learn the meanings of these signs, nobody talked about this because of various superstitions and he said that "As a graphic designer, it was very interesting for me to understand the signs and symbols of this forgotten traditional art form that was overshadowed by superstition."

In order to understand the talisman art, he found a book that belonged to Parviz Tanavoly and Kalantar Motamedi said according to the explanations in the book these kinds of objects exist in all cultures and he added that talisman and amulet history extended to the first period of mankind and this tradition is still valid in some parts of the world.

Lecturer Kalantar Motamedi stated that talisman themes are generally religious and he said "If we think graphic design as an art form of simplified motifs, images and symbols to convey messages using lines, shapes, numbers and letters, we can put the art of talisman into this category".

Last updated: 27-06-2018