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Students from CIU attended to the 3rd Freshwater Culture Festival

Student Development and Advisory Centre (SDAC), CIU Search and Rescue (AKUT) and Nature Sports Club, Cyprus International University (CIU) performed a nature walk within the 3rd Freshwater Culture Festival.

Hasan Özenkaya, Sports Trainer AKUT and Nature Sports Club Advisor, Cyprus International University (CIU) said nature walk was organized to motivate students and to express their importance in terms of healthy living. Özenkaya said in addition to healthy life, Northern Cyprus has a very rich vegetation cover. He added that "We carried out the event in order to introduce our students to the vegetation cover of North Cyprus". Özenkaya also mentioned that students had the chance to see historical places unique to Cyprus during the walk. "We wanted to make sure that our students learn about the historical places beside the nature of Cyprus" he said.

Özenkaya said AKUT and Nature Sports Club were established to help students to relax themselves in different areas, to discover their abilities and be able to do regular sports. He stated that they will organize nature walks in different areas during spring 2017-2018. During the walk held on the freshwater track, the students from the CIU got a chance to meet with Mustafa Akıncı, the President of the TRNC and took photographs in order to immortalize their memories. The event ended with the students having fun during the concert after the Freshwater track.

Last updated: 13-03-2018