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Effective writing tecniques seminar in CIU


The "Effective Writing Techniques" seminar was organized by the Career and graduates center in Cyprus International University (CIU).

American academy Emeritus Professor Jim Vincent took part as a speaker  in the seminar which was held at the Cevik Uraz Conference Hall.

          In terms of effective writing techniques, Jim Vincent, expressed the need for students and instructors being available in the CIU library, which is a member of ANKOS, TUBITAK, EQUAL and the National Collective Catalog. He also added that we can also benefit from the Archives and programs like, JSTOR, EBSCO, EKUAL and SCOPUS.

         Emeritus Professor Vincent emphasized that a good literature search should be first done when writing an academic article, Besides, he also added the importantance of reading and summarizing the resources , determination of research and analysis methods, data collection, analysis and interpretation of the findings.

  Jim vincent drew attention to an effective academic writing by saying ; Why the writing is important, the approach to the reader, the readers' understanding of the questions in advance, the clear purpose of the situation goals and discussions, the perfect spelling, the writing and the punctuation marks and He also added that the information should be expressed in detail.



Do not go beyond the purpose of your thesis "

 American academican Emeritus Professor Jim vincent responded to participants' questions at the end of the International Seminar on Effective Writing Techniques , organized by the Center of Careers and graduates of the Cyprus Intenational University.

He also stated "Do not allow your attention to dissipate when you write a thesis, and certainly do not go beyond the purposes of your thesis".

Last updated: 13-01-2017