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"Architectural Project Exhibition of Historical Village Remains of the Alaniçi/ Piyi Peristerona Village" organized by the Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture opened at Cyprus International University (CIU).

 The opening ceremony of the Sergin was composed of Rector Professor Halil Nadiri, Vice Rector Associate Professor Ahmet Adalıer and Associate Professor Doctor Serkan Abbasoğlu, as well as a large number of academicians and students.

Ayıran:The exhibition will add to the excitement on the architectural legacy of North Cyprus

Professor Nezih Ayıran, deputy dean of the CIU Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture, who made the opening speech of the ceremony stated that this exhibition will increase the difference and interest for the students on the subject of north Cyprus architectural heritage.

Yasemin Mesda, Meltem Nevzat, the assistants Cemile Çakmak Aydın, Jubril Atanda, Ifeoluwa Ojelabi and all the students who took part in the  self-employed to open this exhibition ,Prof.Dr.Ayıran congratulations to the students who worked with dedication to open this exhibition.


Nadiri: This project should not stay on a paper.

Rectorate Prof. Dr. Halil Nadiri spoke in the openning ceremony of an exhibition. He is very pleased to see that the participation is at the high level and he thanked to the instructors, research assistants and the students who performed a great effort on preparation of this exhibition.

He mentioned that North Cyprus is very rich in terms of architecture and culture. So that this effort is not only important for the content of the lesson but also it is important to reveal most of the values that is going to be wiped away from our minds.

He also hoped that the restoration projects that is emerged after this study is going to be used by the people who are concerned and it will contribute to regain these historical values which are not in a good condition.

He also pointed that this project would not stay here on a paper, they would like to transfer this project as a Rectorate to the people who are concerned. He added that they are working on a booklet about it.

Faculty of Fine Arts and Design and Architecture instructor Yasemin Mesda had a speech about the exhibition. She said that they prepare projects on survey and restoration for the historical construction of a church in Alaniçi village and throughout the lesson it is aimed to document historical construction, to protect and to transfer all these documents to the next generation.

What did the students say about the exhibition?

Birkan Özdemir – Department of interior Design

I would like to congratulate a large group of people who are involved and performed a great intensive effort in the preparation of this successful efficient exhibition

Beyhan Hişmioğulları – Guidance and psychological Counselling

This exhibition is based on a very good observation and investigation. As a result it is a very remarkable and useful study.

Last updated: 21-12-2016