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“Twinnet Seminar Series” were held at CIU

“Twinnet Seminar Series” which provided the opportunity to share knowledge, culture and experience among Twinnet and EPSA members, was organized by the CIU Pharmacy Faculty Club, which is a member of the European Union of Pharmacy Students (EPSA) and CIU Pharmacy Student Association (CIUPSA).

Prof. Dr. Halil Nadiri, CIU Rector, who made a speech at the opening of the seminar, pointed out the importance of short term and long term exchange programs such as Twinnet. He recommended that students should take advantage of the opportunity for the sake of cultural diversity and academic development.

Prof. Dr. Günay Sarıyar, Dean of the CIU Faculty of Pharmacy, explained that Twinnet is an exchange program that allows exchange of culture, knowledge and experience among EPSA members. Sarıyar also recalled that the CIU Pharmacy Student Association (CIUPSA) which was established with the cooperation of CIU students, is the first EPSA member of Cyprus Medical Association (CIUPSA). “Only Faculty of Pharmacy in the whole island has the right to vote in the EPSA elections.” she said.

Last updated: 08-06-2019